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630 West 168th Street,
P&S 12-510A
New York, NY 10032

Phone: 212-342-6887
Education and Training
2004, M.Sc., Chemistry, Ecole Normale Superieure-Paris VI University, France

2008, Ph.D., Molecular and Cell biology, Paris VI University, France

Taub Institute
Catherine A. Marquer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at the Columbia University Medical Center
Research Summary

Research in my lab focuses on the analysis of healthy vs. diseased neuronal function with a strong emphasis on the lipid signaling / endo-lysosomal trafficking interaction. We are specifically interested in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and related disorders (Down Syndrome, Niemann-Pick type C, traumatic brain injury).

Our general strategy is to delineate early molecular dysregulations leading to Alzheimer’s disease onset in order to provide key information on the disease progression and its possible treatment. Our translational approach combines in vitro (cell lines and cultured neurons) and in vivo (transgenic mice) model systems as well as human material from controls and patients. We study these systems using a wide array of microscopies (confocal, super-resolution, spinning-disk) as well as biochemical techniques (western blots, lipidomics, phosphoinositide quantification by HPLC).
Selected Publications

Marquer, C., Tian, H., Yi, J., Bastien, J., Dall'Armi, C., Yang-Klingler, Y., Zhou, B., Chan, R. B., Di Paolo, G..(2016) “Arf6 controls retromer traffic and intracellular cholesterol distribution via a phosphoinositide-based mechanism.” Nature communications, 7, 11919.

Djelti, F., Braudeau, J., Hudry, E., Dhenain, M., Varin, J., Bieche, I., Marquer, C., Chali, F., Ayciriex, S., Auzeil, N., Alves, S., Langui, D., Potier, M.C., Laprevote, O., Vidaud, M., Duyckaerts, C., Miles, R., Aubourg, P., Cartier, N. (2015) “CYP46A1 inhibition, brain cholesterol accumulation and neurodegeneration pave the way for Alzheimer's disease.” Brain, 138(Pt 8), 2383-98.

Chali, F., Djelti, F., Eugene, E., Valderrama, M., Marquer, C., Aubourg, P., Duyckaerts, C., Miles, R., Cartier, N. and Navarro, V. (2015) “Inhibiting cholesterol degradation induces neuronal sclerosis and epileptic activity in mouse hippocampus.” Eur. J. Neuro., 41(10),1345-55.

Marquer, C., Laine, J., Dauphinot, L., Hanbouch, L., Lemercier-Neuillet, C., Pierrot, N., Bossers, K., Le, M., Corlier, F., Benstaali, C., Saudou,F., Thinakaran, G., Cartier, N., Octave, J.-N., Duyckaerts, C., Potier,M.C. (2014) “Increasing membrane cholesterol of neurons in culture recapitulates Alzheimer's disease early phenotypes.” Mol. Neurodeg., 9, 60.

Lazar, A.N., Bich, C., Panchal, M., Desbenoit, N., Petit, V.W., Touboul, D., Dauphinot, L., Marquer, C., Laprévote, O., Brunelle, A., Duyckaerts, C. (2013) “TOF-SIMS imaging reveals cholesterol overload in the cerebral cortex of Alzheimer disease patients.” Acta Neuropathol, 125, 133-144

Marquer, C., Devauges, V., Cossec, J. C., Liot, G., Lécart, S., Saudou, F., Duyckaerts, C., Leveque-Fort, S., and Potier, M. C. (2011) “Local cholesterol increase triggers APP-Bace1 clustering in lipid rafts and rapid endocytosis.” FASEB J, 25, 1295-1305

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