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Helen Causton, D.Phil
Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology
Research Summary

Rhythms are found throughout biology and allow an organism to temporally orchestrate its internal state to anticipate changes and/or resonate with the external environment. Despite the importance of a healthy circadian rhythm, the central mechanism has been hard to dissect as the known ‘clock’ proteins are not conserved across organisms. I have shown that respiratory oscillations in yeast share a number of features with circadian rhythms in other organisms and, in collaboration, use a comparative chronobiology approach, to identify characteristics that are common in mediating rhythmicity.

My current focus is directed towards identifying the metabolic changes that occur across the yeast respiratory oscillation, how changes in redox state impact other aspects of cellular metabolism and the determinants of periodicity.

Selected Publications

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rhythm, mitochondrial function, chronobiology, yeast, redox

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