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630 168th St.,
P&S 16-404
New York, NY 10032

Phone: 212-305-1174
Education and Training
M.D. University of the City of Manila

St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.

Bone and Soft tissue Pathology - University of Washington Medical Center
Pediatric and Developmental Pathology – Women and Infant’s Hospital/Brown Medical School

Rosanna G. Abellar, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology
Research Summary

Placental pathology and human developmental anomalies.
Service Activities

Perinatal Pathology
Gyn Pathology

Selected Publications

Llanos C, Friedman D,Izmily P, Saxena A, Tseng C, Dische R, Abellar R, Halushka M, Clancy R, Buyon J. Anatomic and pathologic findings in hearts from fetuses and infants with cardiac manifestations of neonatal lupus. Rheumatology (2012) Jun ;51(6):1086-92.

Alvarez D, Clancy r, Zavadil J, Abellar R, Barrat F, Buyon J. A novel role of endothelin-1 in linking TLR7-mediated inflammation to fibrosis in congenital heart block. Journ Biol Chem (2011) Sep 2;286(35):30444-54.

De Paepe ME, Shapiro S, Greco D, Luks VL, Abellar RG, Luks CH, Luks FI. Placental markers of twin-to twin transfusion syndrome in diamniotic-monochorionic twins: A morphometric analysis of deep artery-to vein anastomoses. Placenta 2010 Apr;31(4):269-76.

Abellar RG, Pepperell J, Greco D, Gundogan F, Kostadinov S, Scwartz J, Tantravahi U, De Paepe ME. Effects of chemotherapy during pregnancy on the placenta. Pediatr Dev Pathol (2009) Jan-Feb;12(1):35-41.

Torabi R, Chernova S, Abellar RG, Pinar H, De Paepe ME. Intrauterine infection with Klebsiella pneumonia: Report of a case and literature review. Pediatr Dev Pathol (2008) Mar-Apr; 11(2):152-5.

Abellar RG, Robbins S, Kalisher L, Lara JF. Pathologic quiz case: 29 year old male with knee pain. Arch Pathol Lab Med (2005) Jan;129(1):e16-8.

Current Projects

NICHD Fetal Growth Study

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