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New York, NY 10032

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Fax: 212-305-7436
Education and Training
2001 Ph.D., All India Institute of
Medical Sciences, New Delhi
2010 M.S., Biostatistics, Columbia University, New York

Board Certifications
2005, Clinical Cytogenetics, American Board of Medical Genetics
2007, Clinical Molecular Genetics, American Board of Medical Genetics

Vaidehi Jobanputra, Ph.D., FACMG, M.S.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology
Research Summary

My research focuses on clinical and translational research for constitutional disorders and cancer. We use genome-wide tools including chromosomal microarray (CMA) and Next-Generation sequencing (NGS) for comprehensive molecular characterization of genomic structural variants and single nucleotide variants associated with congenital heart disease and hematological malignancies.

Another focus of our research is to understand the factors contributing to nondisjunction in ageing human oocytes. We are studying meiotic proteins affecting chromosome segregation in human oocytes.

Service Activities

Personalized Genomic Medicine
Clinical Cytogenetics
Selected Publications

Warburton D, Kline J, Williams I, Ronemus M, Levy D, Wigler M, Leotta A, Kendall J, Yamrom B, Lee Y, Jobanputra V, Yeboa K, Chung W, Wong N, Awad D, Yu J. Rare copy number variants contribute to the cause of congenital heart disease in an unselected sample of children with conotruncal defects or hypoplastic left heart disease. Hum Genet. 2013 Aug 25. [Epub ahead of print].

Tsankova N, Bevan C, Jobanputra V, Ko K, Mayer EW, Lefkowitch JH, Mansukhani M, Rowland LP, Bhagat G, Tanji K. Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma Emerging in a Patient with Aggressive Polymyositis. Acta Neuropathol. 2013 Oct;126(4):595-601

Margolskee E, Jobanputra V, Lewis SK, Alobeid B, Green PR, Bhagat G. Indolent Small Intestinal CD4+ T-cell Lymphoma Is a Distinct Entity with Unique Biologic and Clinical Features. PLoS One. 2013 Jul 4;8(7):e68343

Jobanputra V, Wilson A, Shirazi M, Feenstra H, Levy B, Anyane-Yeboa K, Warburton D. Partial uniparental disomy with mosaic deletion 13q in an infant with multiple congenital anomalies. Am J Med Genet A. 2013 Sep;161(9):2393-5

Jobanputra V, Levy B, Kinney A, Brown S, Shirazi M, Yu C, Kline J, Warburton D. Copy number changes on the X chromosome in women with and without highly skewed X-chromosome inactivation. Cytogenet Genome Res. 2012;136(4):264-69.

Jobanputra V, Burke A, Kwame AY, Shanmugham A, Shirazi M, Brown S, Warburton PE, Levy B, Warburton D. Duplication of the ZIC2 gene is not associated with holoprosencephaly. Am J Med Genet. 2012;158A:103–108

Jobanputra V, Esteves C, Sobrino A, Brown S, Kline J, Warburton D. Using FISH to increase the yield and accuracy of karyotypes from spontaneous abortion specimens. Prenat Diagn. 2011; 31(8):755-59

Jobanputra V, Ash E, Yeboa KA, Warburton D, Levy. Changes in an inherited ring(22) due to meiotic recombination? Implications for genetic counseling. (2009) Am J Med Genet. 2009;149A(6):1310-14

Sebat, J.,Lakshmi, B., Malhotra, D., Lese-Martin, C., Troge, J, Walsh, T., Yamrom1, B., Yoon, S., Krasnitz, A., Kendall, J., Leotta. A., Pai1, D., Zhang, R., Lee, Y.H., , Hicks, J., Spence, S.J., Lee, A.T., Puura, K., Lehtimäki, T., Ledbetter, D., Gregersen, P.K., Bregman, J., Sutcliffe, J.S., Jobanputra V., Chung, W., Warburton, D., King, M.C., Skuse, D., Geschwind, D.H., T. Gilliam, C., Ye, K., Wigler, M. Strong association of de novo copy number variation with autism. Science 2007;316(5823):445-49

Jobanputra V, Chung W, Hacker A.M., Emanuel B.S., Warburton D. A unique case of der(11)t(11;22),-22 arising from 3:1 segregation of a maternal t(11;22) in a family with co-segregation of the translocation and breast cancer. Prenat Diagn 2005;25(8):683-86

Jobanputra V, Sebat J, Troge J , Chung W, Yeboa KA, Wigler M, Warburton D. Application of ROMA (Representational oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis) to Patients with Cytogenetic Rearrangements. Genet Med. 2005;7(2):111-18

Committees , Council, and Professional Society Memberships

Fellow - American College of Medical Genetics
Diplomat - American Board of Medical Genetics
Member - American Society of Human Genetics
Member - Association of Molecular Pathologist
Member - American Cytogenetics Conference
Clinical Trials Subcommittee - Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium

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