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622 West 168th Street
Harkness 3-325
New York, NY 10032

Phone: 212-305-6487
Fax: 212-342-5256
Education and Training
M.D., University of Vienna, 1989
M.P.H., Yale University School of Public Health, 1991
Ph.D., Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1995

Alexander Kratz, M.D., Ph.D
Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology and Cell Biology at CUMC
Research Summary

My research interests focus on Laboratory Hematology and Clinical Laboratory Management. Our recent work in Laboratory Hematology includes descriptions of how to optimize flagging criteria of automated cell counters and a protocol for faster reporting of the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) from certain blood samples. In Laboratory Management, we have shown that the “accessioning-to-result” time does not always accurately reflect laboratory performance. We have also described the clinical and analytical performance of a new blood analysis system.

Service Activities

Medical Director of the CUMC Automated Core Laboratory

Medical Director of the Allen Hospital Clinical Laboratory

Medical Director of Point of Care Testing

Selected Publications

1. Kratz A., H.-I. Bengtsson, J.E. Casey, J. M. Keefe, G.H. Beatrice, D.Y. Grzybek, K.B. Lewandrowski, and E.M. Van Cott. Performance evaluation of the CellaVision DM96 system: White cell differentials by automated digital image analysis supported by an artificial neural network. Am J Clin Pathol (2005) 124:770-781.

2. Kratz A., M.J. Wood, A.J. Siegel, J.R. Hiers, and E.M. Van Cott. Effects of marathon running on platelet activation markers: Direct evidence for in vivo platelet activation. Am J Clin Pathol (2006) 125:1-5.

3. Kratz A., G. Zini, C. O’Malley, and K. Maloum. Enumeration of nucleated red blood cells with the ADVIA 2120 hematology analyzer: An international multicenter clinical trial. Lab Hematol (2006) 12:63-70.

4. J.A. Branda and A. Kratz. Effects of yeast on automated cell counting. Am J Clin Pathol (2006) 126:248-254.

5. Branda J.A., M.J. Ferraro, and A. Kratz. Sensitivity of peripheral blood smear review for the diagnosis of Candida fungemia. Arch Pathol Lab Med (2007) 131:97-101.

6. Kratz A., R.O. Saleem, and E.M. Van Cott. Effects of a pneumatic tube system on routine and novel hematology and coagulation parameters in healthy volunteers. Arch Pathol Lab Med (2007) 131:293-6.

7. Sireci A., R. Schlaberg, and A. Kratz. A method for optimizing and validating institution-specific flagging criteria for automated cell counters. Arch Pathol Lab Med (2010) 134:1528-1533.

8. Sireci A.N., L. Herlitz, K. Lee, J.L. Bautista, and A. Kratz. Validation and implementation of an algorithm for reporting the automated absolute neutrophil count from selected flagged specimens. Am J Clin Pathol (2010) 134:720-725.

9. Stotler, B.A. and A. Kratz: Determination of turnaround time in the clinical laboratory: “Accessioning-to-result” time does not always accurately reflect laboratory performance. Am J Clin Pathol (2012) 138:724-729.

10. Stotler, B.A. and A. Kratz: Analytical and clinical performance of the epoc blood analysis system: Experience at a large tertiary academic medical center. Am J Clin Pathol (2013) 140:715-720.

Committees , Council, and Professional Society Memberships

Hospital Committees:
Bi-campus committee on the Clinical Harmonization of the EHR and Management of Interventions: Solutions, Tools, and Requests (CHEMISTRY)
Bi-Campus Quality and Patient Safety Executive Committee

Professional Society Memberships:
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
International Society for Laboratory Hematology
American Society for Hematology

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