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Education and Training
Ph.D. 1971 St. John's University

Biological Sciences

New York University Department of Dentistry and Nursing Project
A novel approach to Diabetes screening by measuring HbA1C using gingival crevicular blood collected during a routine periodontal visit.
Department of Neurology at Columbia University Projects
- The significance of monoclonal proteins in patients with motor neuron disease and amylotrophic lateral sclerosis.
- The use of serum biochemical markers to predict recurrent ischemic stroke and brain injury.
Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University Project
- The use of Troponin I and CK-MB as markers of myocardial damage in pediatric patients with congenital heart defects that are undergoing cardiac surgery.
Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University Project
The use of serum amylase levels to monitor and diagnose patients with bulimia nervosa.
Department of Surgery at Columbia University Project
Intraoperative and perioperative insulin and C-Peptide levels in patients undergoing pancreatic resection

Michael Anthony Pesce, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Pathology and Cell Biology
Research Summary

Provide a professional quality assessment program for the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory by comparing the clinical interpretation of the amino acid and acylcarnitine profiles reported by the Biochemical Genetics laboratory with the interpretations reported by an external laboratory.

Provide a professional quality assessment program for the interpretation of protein electrophoresis patterns and for hemoglobinopathies.

As co-director of the Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine laboratory, evaluate new analytical methods and instruments that can be used in the clinical pathology laboratories.

Report clinical and analytical results for patients that have unusual serum monoclonal protein patterns. For example detection of IgD myelomas, biclonal gammopathies and monoclonal proteins in the alpha-2 region of the protein electrophoresis pattern. There are no studies in the literature that describe the clinical and biochemical abnormalities that are associated with patients that have a monoclonal protein in the alpha-2 region of the protein electrophoretogram. We will determine the type and frequency of the monoclonal protein, the effect of treatment (on the level of the monoclonal protein) and the long-term clinical outcome in patients with these unusual proteins.

Service Activities

Developed with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey ( now Rutgers University) a clinical rotation program to train their clinical laboratory science students( medical technologists) in the clinical pathology laboratories at Columbia University Medical Center
Developed a CME program for the laboratory staff at Columbia University Medical Center. Lectures are presented by the laboratory directors and laboratory managers to the medical technologists once a month. Each lecture is recorded and provides 1 continuing education credit.

Director of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory at New York Presbyterian Hospital- Columbia University Medical Center. The Biochemical Genetics Laboratory provides analytical results with a clinical interpretation for the amino acid and acylcarnitine profiles. We plan to expand metabolic testing by measuring total and free carnitines and urinary organic acids.

Selected Publications

1. Kratz, A. Pesce, M.A. Basner, R.C. and Einstein, A.J., Laboratory Values of Clinical Importance Volume 2 pp 3585-3610. In Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th Edition, Longo, Fauci, Kasper, Hauser, Jameson, and Loscalzo, Editors (2012) Published by McGraw-Hill

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8. Pesce, M.A., Identification of a CKMM-IgA complex in the serum of a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Italian Journal of Pediatrics, vol. 28, pp 499-506, 2002.

9. Morris, S.A., Helmer, D., Pesce, M.A., and Giglio, J. Clinical utility of CKMB isoform determinations in patients who present to the emergency department with continuous or resolved chest pain. Journal of Emergency Medicine, vol 28, pp 21-26, 2000.

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11. Pesce, M.A., Bodourian, S.H., and Nicholson, J.F., A New Microfluorometric Method for the Measurement of Galactose-1-Phosphate in Erythrocytes. Clinical Chimica Acta, 118, pp 177-198 (1982).

12. Pesce, M.A., Bodourian, S.H., Harris, R.C., and Nicholson, J.F., Enzymatic Micromethod for Measuring Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase Activity in Human Erythrocytes. Clinical Chemistry, 23, pp 1711-1717 (1977).

Current Projects

New York University Department of Dentistry and Nursing Project : A novel approach to Diabetes screening by measuring HbA1C using gingival crevicular blood collected during a routine periodontal visit.

Honors and Awards

2013 Best teacher award in the Clinical Laboratory Science program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey –Rutgers University

Reviewer for the Journal: American Society for Clinical Pathology 2012-Present

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey which is now Rutgers University 2011-Present

Abstract Reviewer for the National Meetings of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry 1997 –2007

Reviewer for the Journal : Clinical Chemistry 1976-1995

Chairman of the Pediatric Division of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Committees , Council, and Professional Society Memberships

American Chemical Society
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Sigma XI Society, Columbia University Chapter
Association of Clinical Scientists-Fellow

Clinical Chemistry, Biomarkers, Quality Assessment in the Clinical Pathology Laboratories

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