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Education and Training
Ph.D. 1978 New York University

Phyllis Della-Latta, Ph.D.
Professor of Clinical Pathology in Medicine
Research Summary

My research interests focus on developing and implementing laboratory
assays for the rapid detection of infectious diseases, characterizing and studying the epidemiology of microbial strains causing hospital-associated and community-associated infections, particularly those that are multidrug-resistant. Research endeavors are multidisciplinary, working in collaboration with infectious disease, epidemiology and other clinical services.
Service Activities

Director of the Clinical Microbiology Service

The Clinical Microbiology Service provides timely, accurate and
clinically relevant cutting-edge molecular assays as well as
traditional culture-based tests to aid in the evaluation, diagnosis and
treatment of infectious diseases. The service includes bacteriology,
mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, virology, molecular
epidemiology and molecular diagnostics.
Selected Publications

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Current Projects

1. Applied Research in Antimicrobial Resistance: Studies of Susceptibility Testing on Gram-negative Multidrug Organisms
The main goals of this project are to determine strategies to improve treatment of infections caused by MDR gram-negative bacilli and assess laboratory algorithms for optimal susceptibility testing that correlate with improved outcomes.
Centers for Disease Control

2. Improving Antimicrobial Prescribing Practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The objectives of this study are to reduce antimicrobial resistance by implementing innovative interdisciplinary interventions to improve antibiotic prescribing practices in the NICU
National Institute of Health

3. Interdisciplinary Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (CIRAR)
National Institute of Health- funded Exploratory Research Center
The goal of CIRAR is to develop strategies to implement and evaluate a long term collaborative program of interdisciplinary research on reducing antimicrobial resistance.

4. Validation of Microbiology Products
The major goal of this project is to validate new and research methods for rapid identification of microorganisms, antimicrobial susceptibility testing and specimen transport devices.
Becton Dickinson

5. Sexually Transmitted Infections among Women in Two Clinics in the Dominican Republic
This project studies the prevalence of Chlamydia infection in the Dominican Republic
Fogarty Grant

Recently Completed Projects

1. Evaluation of the Xpert MRSA/SA Assay in Wound Cultures
This study measured the performance characteristics of the real time PCR based assay for detecting either S. aureus or MRSA directly from wound cultures.

2. Examination of Gram-Negative Resistance Patterns in Neonates
This outcome-based study examined the prevalence of gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacteria.
Pediatric Grant

3. Immune function and kidney infection in children
This study determined the sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of positive urine analysis and assess predictors of positive urine cultures.
Mailman School of Public Health and Pediatrics

4. Staff hand hygiene and nosocomial infections in neonates
This project compared the effects of two hand hygiene protocols used by staff in the NICU on nosocomial infection rates among infants.
National Institute of Health

Honors and Awards

2005- 2008
President, American Society for Microbiology, NYC

Secretary, New York Infectious Disease Society

Chair, Advisory Committee to Commissioner of Health on Emerging
Pathogens and Bioterrorism

Reviews in Medical Microbiology, Editor-in-Chief USA

Award for Distinguished Achievements in Clinical Microbiology, American
Society for Microbiology, NYC

Honor Award, Centers for Disease Control, TB Self-Assessment Committee

Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology

President, American Society for Microbiology, NYC

Chair, Microbiology Advisory Committee, NYC Department of Health

Representative of New York Academy of Sciences to
Biological Sciences Section, American Association for Advancement of Science

Chair, Bacteriology Advisory Committee, NYC Department of Health

Committees , Council, and Professional Society Memberships

Subcommittee Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (former NCCLS)
Laboratory Identification of Mycobacteria

Subcommittee Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (former NCCLS)
MRSA Screening

Medical Devices Advisory Committee, Food and Drug Administration

AMDec Center on Bioterrorism

Tuberculosis Committee, Infectious Disease Society of America

Centers for Disease Control, National Training Network
Advisory Committee MDR-TB Project

Branch Organization Committee, National American Society for Microbiology

Presidential Advisory Council, New York Academy of Sciences

Scientific Conference Committee, New York Academy of Sciences

HIV Testing & Microbiology Advisory Committee , NYC Department of Health

Teleconference Microbiology Committee, American Society of Clinical

Scientific Advisory Board of Applied Microbiology, Public Health &
Research Institute

Molecular assays, mycobacteria, M. tuberculosis, S. aureus, laboratory detection, infection control, streptococci, rapid diagnostics, molecular epidemiology, gram-negative bacilli, drug resistance, neonates, transplant patients

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