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Seminars and Events

Wednesday, July 26
4:00 PM The Columbia University Science Policy Initiative Seminar. Shaughnessy Naughton, Science Policy Advocate and Founder of 314 Action, "Why should scientists run for office?" VEC 902-903.
Thursday, August 3
1:00 PM CMBS Dissertation Lecture. Joshua Broyde, Honig and Califano Laboratories, "Analysis of Oncogenic Signal Transduction with Application to KRAS Signaling Pathways." ICRC 8-816.
3:00 PM CMBS Dissertation Lecture. Frank (Chu Jian) Ma, Greene Laboratory, "A closer look at HR: interactionsof hRPA, RAD51 and RAD52 on ssDNA." PH 15 West, Pathology Library.
Monday, August 7
1:00 PM Dissertation Lecture. Jayne Martin-Carli, Rudolph Lebel Laboratory, "A role for ETO in adipocyte development and function." Russ Berrie, 1st Floor, Room 1.
2:00 PM Pathology Dissertation Lecture. Michael Badgley, Olive Laboratory, "The critical role of cysteine import and metabolism in pancreatic cancer." ICRC 1st Floor Auditorium.
Tuesday, August 15
Noon Dissertation Lecture. Michael Smith, Rodney Rothestein Laboratory, "Rand51 interacts with the DNA damage checkpoint to regulate increased global mobility of chromosomes." HHSC 301.
Wednesday, August 16
2:00 PM CMBS Dissertation Lecture. Jessica Price, Kitajewski Laboratory, "NOtch3 signaling promotes adhesion and tumor progression: a murine epithelial ovarian cancer model." P&S 16-405.
Wednesday, August 30
1:00 PM CMBS Dissertation Lecture. Cameron Palmer, Pe'er Laboratory, "Developing Statistical Methods for Incorporating Complexity in Association Studies." Cpter Science Conference Room 453.

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